and if they can do it better than you.. let ’em.

So, don’t get it twisted: I’m not talking about raising children. I’m talking about bringing a conscious and critical voice to table.

I truly believe that on a spiritual level we are given exactly what we need when we need it and today, by way of a fabulous femme diva, came a blog that brought me to this:

“Looking back at my childhood, I begin to see racism as a central force that shaped my experiences, and my worldview. Racist name-calling, sexual abuse, the ‘love’ between me and my white parents: all were different responses to a foreign pet, or threat, being introduced into the environment, all were different ways whites dealt with me being brought into their world.

As transracial adoptees we need to realize that every time the united states wages war on another country, our numbers grow. Every time the u.s. government cuts welfare, healthcare, and housing vouchers, our numbers grow. Now is the time for transracial adoptees to start talking about these issues. Together we can build a powerful voice to challenge the transracial adoption industry”.

I’m on this journey and every day I see more and more that I’m not alone. There are lots of us out there recognizing the destructive, unhealthy and unjust practices that displaced us. I’m working to heal from that and I’m healing through hearing others’ truths as I speak my own.  And, I’m angry, and, I’m glad to hear that there’s other  adoptees (abductees) who are angry out there too.

Tell your truths and keep on telling them and keep on telling them more. You will know exactly when you are ready to move on to new truths and in the meantime you will keep on healing;  yourself and then the world.

“I try to be as honest about what I see and to speak rather than be silent, especially if it means I can save lives, or serve humanity”–Sandra Cisneros


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