adoption article.

As an international “adoptee”, I have frequently thought about what it would have been like to grow up with a family in Guatemala.  It isn’t the adoption itself that I have struggled with, per se… it’s the fact that the family that “adopted” me did not prepare themselves to responsibly handle the needs of a  transracial adoption.  For them, it was their needs that were being met but they didn’t have the insight or tools to realize that bringing a child from another country and displacing them in another culture, surrounded by a predominantly white and economically privileged community, would bring up issues for the child(me).   There is a lot more to say about this… and I will… but for now I’m sharing this part because of the article I’m citing below.  The Guatemala govt. will be re-opening adoptions to international families in 2010 with new ideas on how to regulate the adoption trade. This article brings up some really interesting points and ideas about adoption including more what appear to be more thorough desires to keep Guatemalan adoptees in Guatemala.  Hope you all get a chance to check it out.

“People said Guatemalans don’t want to adopt, and they certainly don’t want to adopt other Guatemalans. This breaks that myth,” Solorzano said. “Guatemalans did want to adopt. They just couldn’t compete financially with Americans.”


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