About Permission Perform

A  project of To tell you the Truth,  Permission Perform: An articulation of your m/other is a multi-media project based on the interviews of 40 self-defined single, teen and welfare m/others in the Northampton,  Amherst, Belchertown and Hadley, MA areas. Permission Perform explores the themes of m/otherhood, home, welfare and safety. A project headed, collaboratively written and co-directed by  tk karakashian tunchez (a self-defined m/other) Permission Perform created a space for self-identified single, teen and welfare m/others  to tell the truths of our celebrations and struggles.

Permission Perform was accepted into the 2007 WORD Multicultural Theater Festival and was performed for two sold out shows upon its opening.  In 2009, Permission Perform opened for a standing room only staged reading @ Food for Thought Books in Amherst.

How can you be involved?

Permission Perform Workshop Series is based of the original production and specifically open to self-identified single, teen and welfare m/others.   We use the original script to begin our writings and personal truth-telling and then we explore own truths through multi-disciplinary arts engagement.  One workshop may be movement based, the next may be visual arts based, the next may include text and writing etc.  Our goal is to craft our own unique production based off the original Permission Perform script.  We believe that every woman is an artist because she is the crafter and creator of her own life! Therefore, no formal writing, performing or other art making experience is necessary; YOU and YOUR TRUTH are enough!

The Permission Perform Workshop Series can happen at your kitchen table, at your institution, in your community center and at the local bookstore!  Because I believe that each community has its own story to tell, the series works with YOU in YOUR community.

Ideally, the workshop series includes 6-8 sessions. Costs for the workshop are arranged on a sliding scale and personally arranged basis.

For more information about how to bring the Permission Perform Workshop Series to your community please contact: truthandhealingproject@gmail.com


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