Haiku for Journey Project

Peace everyone!  As ONGOING inspiration to keep the flows of movement and voyage running through my veins, I am beginning a haiku for journey page. Everyday, until we get from here to there (wherever there may be) I will be writing a haiku…. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it is you would be willing to contribute your own haiku’s too.   Please do send them by adding comments, they can be about journeys you’ve taken in your life; spiritually, emotionally, physically, geographically etc.  I’m looking forward to hearing yours and sharing mine! <3’s

Haiku for Journey Day #1:(2/21/10)

paths to home within

pass over body, heart, soul

through spirit we land

Haiku for Journey Day #2 (2/22/10)

If this be my soul

flight soaring highest reaches

i feel courage nudge.

Haiku for Journey Day #3 (2/23/10)

I know nothing  of

What futures may be; breath still

exhale to transform.

Haiku for Journey Day #4 (2/24/10)

Worries are large stones

filling my belly and soul.

How do you purge fear?

Haiku for Journey Day #5 (posted late but written on time ❤ ) (2/25/10)

lest i forget love

sisterspirit arrives/ brings

red yellow green joy

Haiku for Journey Day #6 (2/26/10)

the trees have spoken

they are not afraid to shout

or whisper freedom

Haiku for Journey Day # 7 (2/27/10)

Goddess that’s within-

Rhythm has awoken you.

Pray first. Then – listen.

Haiku for Journey #8 (2/28/10)

sometimes movement is

laughter sunshine and promise

of spring through birdsong

Haiku for Journey Day #9 (3/1/10)

bell hooks told me this;

and my brother echoes it;


Haiku for Journey Day #10 (3/2/10)

Clearing space from here

To make room for the journey

liberation now.

Haiku for Journey Day #11 (3/3/10)

There are cement blocks

At the end of my metaphoric feet

dragging me down.

Haiku for Journey Day #12 (3/4/10)

I breathe in trust (slow)

exhale fear fast, two steps closer

to where i’ve been

Haiku for Journey Day #13 (3/5/10)

i stop to breathe now

forgetting struggle release

exhale distrust

Haiku for Journey Day #14 (3/6/10) (for family)

let our souls evolve;

i don’t know anything but

loving you here now

Haiku for Journey Day #15 (3/7/10)

for noalanii

revolutionary you;

teach wisdom through love

Haiku for Journey Day # 16 (3/8/10)

Immigration blues.

Navigating lanscapes leaves


Haiku for Journey #17 (3/9/10)

I am reminded

this is a pilgrimage. Breathe.

Stop. Look. Listen. Learn.

Haiku for Journey #18 (3/10/10)

Bare limbs lay outstretched;

infinite options exist;


Haiku for Journey #19 (3/11/10)

Challenging past lives-

creating future; no breaks

just steady presence.

Haiku for Journey #20 (3/12/10)

There is love in hand/

Joy in heart/ Beauty in mind/

We make family.

Haiku for Journey #21 (3/13/10)


planning future/sharing love/

sista girls waiting

Haiku for Journey #22 (3/14/2010)

Thriving energies

blossoming beauties create

love and happiness

Haiku for Journey Day #23 (3/15/2010)

Outside my window

the smallest chickadee- gonna

brave this world in flight

Haiku for Journey  #23 (3/15/10)

Spiritual Movements;

move me forward; community;

connections run deep

Haiku for Journey Day #24 (3/16/2010)

funny how/ a day/


pass by so quickly

(and all i can do is think of you)

Haiku for Journey Day #24 (plus an extra)  (3/17/2010)

re/claiming our past

language of feminist truth

directs spirit now.


i ain’t got nothing

that you ain’t got too. we be

kin in a new way.

Haiku for Journey Project #25 (3/19/2010) (skipped a day)

sunshine calls my name

invigorated; i rise

my soul blessed by light.

Haiku for Journey Project #26

sunshine heals spirit

encourages risk taking

through gentle caress

Haiku for Journey Project #27 (3/21/2010)


is the way to be; move on

leave the past behind

Haiku for Journey (3/24/2010)

apprehension shed

wings reach high to farthest height

dreaming has ensued

Haiku for Journey (3/25/2010)

dreams are memories

they remind me- stand freely

remember your truths

Haiku for Journey (3/26/2010)

sometimes spirit says:

“body/soul move” -reminding

mind- action makes faith

Haiku for Journey (3/27/2010)

how do you build love?

can you speak community?

this language restores.

Haiku for Journey (3/28/2010)

truth is this simple.

we have everything we need.

open heart- receive.

Haiku for Journey (3/29/2010)

and you play trumpet

sounds of our souls staccato

bip boop bap- live jazz

Haiku for Journey Project (3/30/2010)

journey through stories

open heart- take life in- breathe

got it all. right. here.

Haiku for Journey Project (3/31/2010)

sisterhood abounds

wraps its big warm arms around

whispers “fly, i’m here”

Haiku for Journey (4/1/2010)

what does soul feel like?

deep rich earth between fingers

your caress dares growth


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kristin Simpson
    Feb 21, 2010 @ 22:59:54

    one small foot forward
    balanced precariously
    on the growing edge


  2. krysia lycette villón
    Feb 21, 2010 @ 23:07:19

    I have been chosen
    But I too have chosen you
    now speaking in tongues

    ha, my first attempt


  3. Lenelle Moise
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 11:45:58

    even here / sitting
    at my desk / the black wings work
    daring wind / speed / height


  4. Vanessa Vargas
    Feb 26, 2010 @ 11:46:50

    mint tea steam lifts as
    face and eye lids bow meeting
    breath now wide with time


  5. b*
    Feb 28, 2010 @ 14:17:54

    Transformation, I
    Depth of heart brings me
    Breath of truth, light, awe.


  6. Diego Angarita
    Mar 15, 2010 @ 02:17:26

    halfway down the road
    tempting to give up and flee
    finish the journey


  7. lani b
    Mar 27, 2010 @ 16:19:08

    sometimes staying put
    makes journey so much sweeter.
    then, you gotta go.


  8. la border
    Mar 31, 2010 @ 00:42:22

    mother i feel safe
    inbetween cielo/ tierra
    its where i belong


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