Supporting Radical Sistaz

These sistaz inspire me and  create magical work that embodies To tell you the Truth‘s mission of Liberation through Beauty.

I’ve put together a list conscious sistaz  who I know are all working hard to support liberation and justice through their own truth-telling work.  They are crafting beautiful masterpieces and projects that they are looking to promote,  fundraise for or sell.  As someone who is truly invested in solidarity economy, I’m SO psyched to host this page.

Please considering giving what you can to each of their projects or purchasing their art so we can continue to support a  crew of independent, radical  sistaz.  Check back in because I will add other sistaz soon and help spread the word!


Where’d you get that CD?:

The Expatriate Amplification Project―written and composed by Lenelle Moise―the cd will feature 12 tracks of powerful, narrative, lyrically engaging all-vocal music created with two big voices, two cool loop machines and a whole lot of heart. Lenelle sings! And so does Karla Mosley, a rising star of the stage and screen. One audience member described  their sound as “post-civil rights chants/neo-Africanistic funk.” Lenelle met her fundraising goal!!!! check out her website to learn more about what she’s doing!

Girl, I love your EARRINGS:

It never fails, EVERY TIME I wear these earrings someone stops me to tell me how beautiful they are, I say PROUDLY, “my sistergirl Ammo makes these! ya… she draws them by HAND homie!”

Besides being an amazing poet, youth worker, writer, visual and performing artist Ammo produces her own line of STUNNING earrings.  These earrings are beautiful and each one is unique because they are hand made pieces.  Check out this link to preview some of the earrings she’s selling online.. you will fall in love with them, forsure:

Hey, let me watch that! (DVD):

Best Gift Ever: Eternal Sunshine of the Black Feminist Mind DVD’s. Watch, share, enjoy, repost!

These are a series of videos  centering around the themes of Black Feminism that can you be used to educated yourself and educate others.  They are made by the lovely Alexis Pauline Gumbs of BrokenBeautiful Press and her sweetie Julia Wallace of Queer Renaissance and sales of the Dvd’s support their MobileHomeComing Community Documentation and Education Project (which I LOVE!).

For previews check this out:

They’re pretty fly, huh?  If you’d like to order a DVD with these videos and more to use in your classroom (or to share with your family and friends)  make a donation of $15 or more to the MobileHomeComing Project!

Here’s other ordering info:

Feeding your soul (Chapbook):

For those of us that are loving folks who live with and/or are  learning to live with mental illnesses or just want some really brilliant, smart and honest analysis and experience sharing!  This sista is a superbly talented wordsmith and performance artist who is navigating the system, check this out: (from her blog





I am here to break some shit down for you.  I have a hell of a lot of life experience that qualifies me to do just that, and in case you don’t accept life experience, I also have a B.A. in Sociology from The Johns Hopkins University (Class of ’05) and my MSW from Columbia University School of Social Work (Class of ’07).  I’m licensed to practice.

She’s funny and smart and an incredibly talented poet. To benefit her project, We All Fall Down, she is selling copies of her new chapbook: SWEAT EQUITY. You can find more info about that (and watch a video of her flowing) here:


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